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Better business by design

Design takes on business strategy

In times of rapid change
If just optimizing current business doesn’t seem sufficient…
If the collective of past experience doesn’t immediately create radical change…

Better business by design helps businesses adapt and innovate more effectively than traditional management consulting.

Better business by design uses well established methods to provide low risk/high speed ways of exploring new ways of innovating to identify new business opportunities and game changing customer experiences.

In fact, studies show that companies that systematically and strategically apply design methods to the development of their products and services, experience increase in revenue and profits – and agree that it will be of even greater importance in the future. However, according to a recent Danish study only 13% use design in a way that gives the most value.

We work with a lot of innovative companies, who have already implemented design principles in the way they work. We know their experience is valuable to many others who face the same kind of challenges. Therefore, we have convinced some of them to share their learnings – and talk about why they think DESIGN is relevant, how to engage with it, and what they have achieved.

On 23 August we have invited Tommy Ahlers (Serial entrepreneur and investor), and influencers from Ikano Bank, Netcompany, and Telia to discuss the merits of design-led business transformation. We would like to invite you to join us for an interesting morning!

Sign up – NB! The event is by private invitation only and 35 seats are available.

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Christian 4th old stock exchange building
Slotsholmsgade 1

23 August 2017

Mikkel Jespersen, 1508
Mads Gustafsen, Think
Jakob Langemark, Hello Group
IT-Branchen and Design Denmark


08.30- 08.45
Using design principles to escape best practice and aim for radical innovation
Henrik Weiglin, CEO Design Denmark 

08.45- 09.30
Tommy Ahlers: Design thinking as a catalyst for change…

Ikano Bank:
How to re-think banking-services by introducing a mindset of a corporate pirate.
Etienne Yuan, Head of Digital, Ikano Bank 

Pause 10.00 – 10.10

10.10- 10.40
Designing a human approach to change banking, because we knew “improvement” was not going to cut it
Thomas Cordth, Partner, Netcompany

10.40- 11.10
Inception and development of Mit Telia – a new way of meeting customers online.
Morten Aagren, Head of Business development, Telia Danmark A/S

11.10 -11.30
Ikano, Netcompany, Telia curated by Tommy Ahlers

11.30 – 11.40
Wrap up summary
Sif Neldeborg, IT-Branchen