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Kom til konference: How to Design Future Winner Brands

Kom til konference: How to Design Future Winner Brands

Design denmark (Dd) and Dansk Erhverv (The Confederation of Danish Enterprise) are proud to announce the program for the conference How to design Future Winner Brands  – your opportunity to meet international and Danish branding and design experts and get their input on how to design present and future winner brands.

Businesses today rely heavily on the relationships they build with customers and users and are driven by an overriding need to know the user data, track and investigate how the outside world perceives them. To be able to identify key branding success factors businesses of today therefore need to create and manage a holistic brand expression and user experiences.

The conference will relate to issues like Which factors need to be addressed to create a 360 degree branding platform? How to maximize user experience and design effectiveness on every level?

International speakers

  • From Paris, you will get the opportunity to hear Louise Beveridge, who has had a successful career in corporate communication; both in London based agencies as well as in different corporate positions. She spend the last 20 years working in Paris with major brands such as Gucci, Stella McCartney, Volcano and Puma as Communications Director – and as Committee member for Kering Group. She is, at present, the President of Honour de l’Executive Master Communication for Paris, France and she lectures at universities on communication strategy, the role of communication in a digitalized world and career management.

  • Bertrand Chovet is the former Director of Interbrand, who amongst others has worked for brands as: Carrefour, Colgate, Danone,  Heineken, Jean Paul Gaultier, PPR/Kering, Klepierre, Mars, McDonald’s, Nescafé, Orange, Ratp, Rémy Martin, Renault, Roland Garros, Ritz Paris, Visa, Volcom, as well as Wrigley Yves Saint Laurent.


  • Michael Boumendil is the President and Chief Creative Officer at Sixieme Son, which is a World leading business in audio branding and sound design and the winners of several international awards, e.g. the Audio Branding Award among others. Michael will elaborate on how brands can express their identity through music. How they can stand out, and successfully manage that expression.


Programme – 29th of March 2017

Kl. 08:30
Check-in and morning coffee

Kl. 09:00
Welcome by Martin Delfer, Global Head of Strategic Alliances, Designit and Chairman for Design denmark (Dd) and Mette Feifer, Market Director, Dansk Erhverv (The Confederation of Danish Enterprise)

Kl. 9:10
Nikolaj Stagis: Business purpose as a foundation for design
Brands used to be about products and the makers behind them. But today brands are also conveyors of meaning and purpose from companies and the fans they aspire to engage. Brand strategy advisor Nikolaj Stagis founded Stagis brand agency 20 years ago and is the author of the Danish management book ”The Authentic Company”. He talks about the fundamentals of great brand design and the essential questions that every brand executive and every brand designer has to ask.
Nikolaj Stagis, Founder and CEO of Stagis. As an expert in process facilitation, he advises organizations on strategy, branding and business development. 

Kl. 9:40
Louise Beveridge & Bertrand ChovetBetter Brands – Better Business
Louise & Bertrand have over 20 years of international experience in the management of business and brand crossroad – they will give a speech together, that will give an insight and widen your understanding of how some of the ‘old’ ingredients of top business such as people, brand and experience still count; but also how new and innovative branding ingredients will help to engage people, grow your business and strengthen your brand by the year 2020.

Kl. 10:30
Johan Adam Linneballe: Design is branding
What does a visual identity do for a company and what does the design do? Can the logo keep its earlier iconic status in a new media and communication world?
Johan Adam Linneballe, Branding Expert and owner, Scandinavian Branding.

Kl. 11:00
Anne Mette Buus
Anne Mette Buus is Head of Communications at Meyers/Løgismose.
It’s imperative for the Løgismose and Meyers brands and overall brand identity to invest in packaging design to make their products stand out on
the shelves. Meyers and Løgismose see packaging design as an essential communication channel and one big call to action for the consumer.

Kl. 11:30

Kl. 12:15
Michael Boumendil: Branding & Audio Branding 
Michael Boumendil, President and Chief Creative Officer, Sixieme Son.
Brands use music at all communication touchpoints, in all kinds of styles, moods and genres. Music is not optional. Yet, using music is not the same as expressing a brand’s identity through music. To stand out, one must ask “Have I conveyed a difference between my musical expression and that of my competition?” Then, the task is to successfully manage that expression, and that job demands rare expertise and savoir-faire.

Kl. 13.00
Christian Bason Design Delivers
Christian Bason, Chief Executive of the Danish Design Centre.
Denmark is a design nation and many Danish companies incorporate design and designers in innovation and business development. This is very positive. But what is the potential of using design methods and thinking in today’s businesses?  And can design really increase growth?

Kl. 13:30
Birgitte Rode: Branding with sense
Birgitte Rode, Founder of Soundbranding.
You can close your eyes – but you can not close your ears. Sound and music takes ownership of your mind, your memory, your body and your emotions. The reactions and perception of sound and music are based on primary instincts plus cultural and historic connotations. This is why it takes knowledge, experience and methodology to transform the brand DNA into the RIGHT sound and expression.

Kl. 13:50
Morten Brudholm: Rebranding Scandinavian Tobacco Group.
Morten Brudholm, Strategic Director, Make.
Preparing a tobacco giant for an IPO, when the product category almost puts them on line with investment in the weapons industry.

Kl. 14:10
How do you run a business and create a solid brand in a market where design is increasingly expressing a set of values and a statement – you could even say is politically? And how do you handle users and costumers who are increasingly involved in the story of your brand?


  • Nikolaj Stagis
  • Louise Beveridge,
  • Christian Bason
  • Johan Adam Linneballe
  • Michael Boumendil
  • Birgitte Rode

Kl. 14:40
Closing session, network and thank you for today. Cold softdrinks and fruit

Wednesday the 29th of March 2017


Slotsholmsgade 1
1217 Copenhagen

Free. NB! No-show-fee 500 DKK! For cancelling your reservation, please send an email to

Grafik af MDd Johan Adam Linneballe, Scandinavian Branding