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Open call

26. august 2020

The best way to predict the future is to design it

The Index Award biennale celebrates people, from far and wide, who use design to solve the problems that matter. Plastic pollution, gender inequality, food supply — you name it. Since 2005, The Index Award has recognised some of the world’s most impactful and iconic solutions. From tiny tools that diagnose disease to environmental moonshots saving the most vulnerable ecosystems.

Notable past winners include:

See all former finalists and winners here.

The Index Award is not just about upholding great designs, but about celebrating diversity, inspiring hope and, acting as a catalyst for groundbreaking innovation. It takes all types to design a future that works for everyone, that’s why The Index Award is always on the lookout for the next game-changers — whoever they might be!

Submission and nominations

Submitting a project is free and easy — all you need to do is register online and follow the prompts.

You can enter your own project, nominate on behalf of others or simply send a tip, if you think there is something the award should know about.

Register online here.

Deadline for submissions and nominations: March 15th 2021.

The Index Project

Behind The Index Award you’ll find The Index Project with the goal to redefine design from a commercially driven discipline to one that is used to improve quality of life — for everyone.

Read further about The Index Project here.

Photocredit: The Index Award