Open Call: Apply for the Ukurant 2021 exhibition during 3 days of design

Open call

22. januar 2021

Calling young emerging designers. Ukurant is ready for round two and excited to invite you to be part of the Ukurant Family.

Ukurant presents experimental design objects that combine materials and techniques in new ways, and challenge our understanding of form and function. Whether this is in an unconventional way or on the shoulders of past generations, Ukurant aims to bring new perspectives to the established design scene. Ukurant showcases prospective designs by young emerging designers.

Ukurant wants to see your notion of experimental design; how you unfold traditions and revise aesthetics.

Ukurant welcomes designers from different disciplines and invites you to apply for Ukurant 2021 whether you are working with – or in between – light, glass, ceramics, furniture or textiles.

Ukurant acknowledges the importance of specialization within the field of design and believes collaborations between disciplines are a driving force for new interesting ideas and concepts to evolve. Ukurant is not only an exhibition platform but a community for sharing experiences and competences.

The exhibition will be held in Copenhagen during 3daysofdesign
from May 27th to June 10th 2021.


Deadline for applying is February 5th 2021.

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Find more information at Ukurant’s website and Instagram.