Open call for the 12th ICMA: Exchange of creative ideas


1. september 2021

The ICMA gives an overview of contemporary graphic design: Corporate media, corporate design, book and magazine design.

The main purpose of the ICMA is to promote the exchange of creative ideas on an international level.

Reveal trends

The results of the ICMA competition give every creative the opportunity to rank his or her object in an international comparison and to quickly make optimisations to his or her own product.

External impact

Winners report intensively on their websites and in print media about the awards, they have won. In this way, they underline their claim to quality and at the same time promote themselves.

A global competition with four sections

  • Custom media
  • Books
  • Graphic design
  • Magazines

In the Custom Media category it is characteristic that large and small companies participate. Participants include, for example, large content media agencies such as the A-lehdet Group, Finland or Axel Springer Corporate Solutions, Germany.

In the Book category there are many international participants, such as Thames & Hudson, the Museum of Modern Art New York, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Getty Research Institute Los Angeles, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the National Gallery Singapore. There is a cooperation between ICMA and the Motovun Group of International Publishers since many years. It is an association to which more than 80 book publishers worldwide belong.

In the Graphic Design category logos, identities, packaging and posters are among the topics judged. Participants came from Australia, New Zealand, China, South Africa, USA, Canada, Iran, India, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Awards in the Magazine category went to Montreal‘s Esse magazine, Singpore Press Holding, WirtschaftsWoche and Geo Epoche, Germany.

Overall the ICMA Award is very well established on the international stage. At the 10th ICMA, award winners came from 26 countries.

New categories

The categories are always being corrected and expanded if necessary. At the 12th competition, corporate films/videos and corporate podcasts will be judged for the first time.

International Panel of Judges

As always, the jury of the ICMA Award is international.

Two jury members come from Denmark: Jesper vin Wieding from Pearlfisher and Christian Baun from The other jury members this year come from Switzer land, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Brazil and Germany.

Why should you take part in design competitions?

“You do not become a better designer by winning an award, but it does help setting you apart and create authority, especially when new clients are searching for the best logo designer. I have won 24 diplomas in various awards. It gives you an advantage to mention that others like your work.”

Christian Baun,

Participation and competition facts

The ICMA is made by designers for designers, why the participation fees are not very high:

Books and logos: 90 euros
Corporate identities, packaging and posters: 190 euros

Visit the ICMA website and Call for Entries

Competition period:

Works can be submitted that were created between January 2020 and October 18th 2021.

Start of submission phase:

September 1st 2021

Closing date:

October 1st 2021

Submission deadline:

Until October 18th 2021 – for submissions between October 2nd and 18th 2021, an additional charge of 20% will be charged.

Why should you take part in design competitions?

“For some years now we have agreed that there is no cheaper advertising than the expensive participation in design competitions. Without this simple method, how much more would we have to spend to get attention! And what could be better than peer recognition?”

Andreas Uebele, Professor (Germany), in Page Magazine

The ICMA logo and corporate design

The ICMA‘s 2019 logo and corporate design was created by Studio Piraat, The Hague, The Netherlands. The underlying X shows the four areas of the competition. The animation of the logo symbolises the diversity of the submitted work and the colour areas in paper textures show the ICMA‘s preference for submissions that can be experienced haptically, such as annual reports, magazines and books.


Norbert Küpper, International Editorial-Design & Research Forum

Christian Baun,

Rodrigo Faustino, Commgroup, Brazil