Virtual exhibition curated by Pil Bredahl: Danish Predictions


26. november 2021

Curated by Pil Bredahl

In partnership with NYCxDESIGN, Adorno is pleased to present DANISH PREDICTIONS, a virtual group show bringing nineteen Danish designer-makers to New York in a new format.

The exhibition, curated by Pil Bredahl, will be virtually presented on a rooftop high above the streets of an imagined Manhattan overgrown by nature. A not entirely utopian utopia. A New York that is biodiverse, green, and full of natural spaces for shared cultural experiences.

In this vision, we look at design objects that point to the important topics in our lives such as nature, our differences, and the uniqueness of creating. We invite the audience to navigate through this scenography, exploring how new Danish design and craftsmanship predicts and analyses societal trends and values through artistic expression.

“Collaboration, passion, and curiosity – this is what I want to investigate with the collection Danish Predictions. The last years have shown us that there is no time for elusive and soulless creations. Designers must always be present and inventive to be able to come up with new ideas or new ways to make use of old ideas. And just as important, we must be present and inventive in order to sense life fully to be able to create and to be able to appreciate.”

Pil Bredahl, collection curator

Use of biodegradable materials; generations working together; celebrating diversity; designers commenting on pollution as a consequence of modern consumption; use of classical handicraft methods and refining them through thousands of hours in the workshop in order to create modern expressive statements – these are some of the Danish predictions that visitors can expect.

Pil Bredahl graduated in Product and Furniture Design from The Danish Design School (now the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design), and earned a Master’s Degree in Design Theory in 2013, writing her dissertation on design and sustainability. Since then, she has worked in the experimental sector of the design industry, occasionally making forays into more political domains.

She was part of the Scandinavian, female-only design group Kropsholder, which was founded in the late 1990s, and has recently been working with design as a tool for integration among women immigrants. She is also a co-founder of the design group, created in 2007, which uses the design profession as a social lever to explore and promote sustainable development processes.

Presenting works by

Alexander Kirkeby
Photocredit: ADORNO

Andredottir & Bobek
Aluminium Stool Series

Anna Havskov Jensen

Anne Brandhøj Hansen
Be gentle to my curves
Photocredit: Amanda Hestehave

Anne Nowak
Hazy Horizon
Photocredit: Anne Marie Jo

Annelie Grimwade Olofsson
Blanc Blue Bollard Studio 1

Bjarke Ballisager
Photocredit: Bjarke Ballisager

George William Bell
Abstract Form Studies in Black
Photocredit: Kasper Agergaard Kristensen

Jacob Mathias Egeberg
Patched Side Tables

Kevin Hviid
Photocredit: ADORNO

Kristine Engelbrecht
Photocredit: ADORNO

Lea Nordstrøm Pedersen
Photocredit: ADORNO

Pettersen & Hein
Pinky Pie 2
Photocredit: Pettersen & Hein

Rasmus Højfeldt
Yellow Cylinder Containers
Photocredit: Michael Rygaard

Signe Fensholt
One day We will look back in Wonder, NO3d
Photocredit: Signe Fensholt

Sisse Holst Pedersen
Lionfoot UKURANT

Studio Yolk
Lolo Momo Who am I

Tanja Kirst
間 Weave

Collection Launch

November 11th 2021

Presented by Adorno and NYCxDESIGN
Supported by Statens Kunstfond