Open Call: Innofounder is looking for design mentors

Open call

14. februar 2022

Innofounder invites you to partake as a Design Mentor, the design-driven incubator owned by Innovation Fund Denmark and operated by Second Foundation and The Danish Design Center (DDC). 

About Innofounder 

Innofounder is a 12-month full-time program for entrepreneurs with higher education. The startups accepted into Innofounder are all early-stage startups from founders with various experience – some recent graduates, some experienced specialists, some maybe even with experience in founding companies before.

See pdf presentation that briefly describes the incubator in more detail and what it entails to be part of the design mentor team.  

Joining as a Design Mentor 

With your expert knowledge, Innofounder believe that you could play a key role in our Design Mentor team. As a Design Mentor, you are supporting startup founders in building real design entrepreneurship capacity & skills through 1:1 sessions and by being part of their Advisory Board. 

DDC will further host Design Mentor sessions where there will be dedicated time to share experiences and insights, frustrations, and learnings which we all can benefit from.

Expectations & Compensation

Being a Design Mentor means being available for:

  • 4 mentoring sessions (of 45 mins) with each startup you are mentoring (you are being compensated for 1 hour per. session while this includes preparation). 
  • 4 Advisory Board sessions (of 1.5 hours) with each startup you are mentoring (you are being compensated for 1.5 hours per. session).

You will be compensated DKK 600 an hour with the addition of VAT. 

Innofounder is looking for Design Mentors to start in April 2022 and again in November 2022.

Theresa Lauritsen, Head of Design Mentoring

Read more about Innofounder here.