Open call for company cases: Re-imagine your future workplace

Open call

September 7th, 2022

Join the Future Workplace project 2022 with the opportunity to explore the future way of working in your company – and potentially be part of transforming your company.

Open call to company cases

Future Workplace is a project, where an interior designer/design company (the expert) work with a company (the case) on identifying your company’s challenges with the transformation into a future-proof workplace.

We are looking for companies to become part of the project this autumn.

What does your company gain by participating?

  • Extended insight into the working environment in your company’s workplace.
  • Experience and knowledge of concrete issues your company and employees may be facing in relation to the workplace post-Covid 19.
  • Discover the future workplace from both an employee and employer point of view.
  • Concrete design advice on what your company can initiate to better the work environment.
  • Promotion of your company case under the auspices of Design denmark and Lifestyle & Design Cluster’s digital best practice guide to the workplace of the future.


Covid-19 has transformed the way we work definitively. Homeworking and hybrid working have become an unavoidable reality already and this trend is likely to intensify in the future. But while this holds great potential for a more flexible working life and the workplace options in terms of workforce, it also creates new challenges for companies – perhaps some you have already recognize in your own business.

How to onboard new employees if the organizational community increasingly is characterized by screen-to-screen meetings? How to retain employees if the relationship between the physical workplace and the employee is weakened? And more broadly, what role does your physical workplace play in addressing these challenges?

Future Workplace explores the challenges and needs of companies in dialogue between interior designers and companies to generate new knowledge and innovation about the future of work and the workplace.


Future Workplace has three main components:

  1. Case-based studies (overall project management by Design denmark)
    – The designers work directly with the company, extracting data from both employer and employees to formulate a concrete brief for the company (taking into account the company’s brand aesthetic, physical environment, etc.).
    – The designers develop and present mood boards and prototypes developed based on the extracted data.
    – A brief for implementing workplace changes is developed and presented by the designers.
  2. Knowledge sharing of the process and experiences of the different company cases at a Future Workplace conference (organized by Design denmark)
  3. Digital guide with a presentation of the designers’ general recommendations (developed by Design denmark)

How to participate

Interested in hearing more:
Please contact Design denmark at tel.: 21 15 49 88 or

Deadline for application is September 27th, 2022.

Please note that applications for Future Workplace requires a company experience with hybrid working situations as well as the ability to participate with at least 1 employer and 3 employees available for the involved interior designer (timeframe for case study and working phase is coordinated in the company-designer team).

Please note that the project partners reserve the right to allocate spots in the project to match each team the best way possible. An application does therefore not guarantee a spot in the project.

Important dates

Kick-off meeting in each team (company case and interior designer)
Monday October 3rd, 2022 in Copenhagen

Working phase
October – November 2022

Ultimo November 2022

December 2022

Week 47  (online survey)

Future Workplace 2022 is a collaboration between Design denmark (Dd) and Lifestyle & Design Cluster (LDC), supported by the Danish Business Promotion Agency.

Please note

By applying for Future Workplace your company agrees that we record data, and that this data will be shared with the project partners on Future Workplace with the purpose of selection and matching of company cases and interior designers. If selected for Future Workplace, your company data will also be used for documentation purposes and appear on the list of participants. Selected teams (company case and interior designer) will also be used for knowledge-sharing purposes.

By applying for Future Workplace your company accepts that by participating you are informed that you are part of a project supported by the Danish Business Promotion Agency. The data collected via the project will only be used in connection with the Future Workplace project.