Celebrating Jesper von Wieding


2. september 2022

No one could tell if they did not know it already, but Creative Director at Bold Scandinavia and board member in Design denmark, Jesper von Wieding, is turning 60 today.

With more than 30 years of experience in branding and design, Jesper von Wieding is a living testament to how design is both an integrator and a sense-maker. He has used his skills in everything from branding and product design to designing businesses, a school, a museum of holography, award shows, and so much more. Yet – despite his already long and impressive career – he exudes boundless youthful energy and optimism, leaving the impression that the best is yet to come.

Together with Tim Larcombe, von Wieding was the primary force in defining the scope, values, and vision of the Danish Design Award, launched by the Design denmark and the Danish Design Center in 2016. As Larcombe puts it, von Wieding presents “plausible visions” – visions not wholly unattainable, yet at the same time worthy of pursuing. He continues:

Jesper is a mover and a shaker, a visionary and an inspiration. You know when Jesper is in the room because everything takes on the flavor of possibility. He is also a loving person and dedicated to the cause. The Danish design industry is fortunate to have him in their midst.

In Design denmark, we have had the privilege to have Jesper as a board member for many years. He has been instrumental in forming the values of Design denmark as an association, stressing the need for community and coming together – both within the Danish design industry and through design. Or, as Rama Chorpash from Parsons School of Design in New York puts it:

Jesper’s affirmative approach combines business savvy with ecological and social concerns. More than an inspiring person, he encourages and enables those around him to collaborate and strive together towards excellence.”

For Jesper von Wieding, design connects us to a horizon bigger than ourselves – bigger than the individual or the nation, bigger than the mere here and now. It also shines through when his Shanghai-based friend and Design colleague Prof. Richard Hsu speaks about Jesper:

For over a decade, Jesper showed and exposed many creatives and designers across Asia about the Nordic sensitivities, Danish lifestyle, and mindstyle. He, in turn, intake our Asian values and culture as if they were his very own. Poetic reciprocity.”

Jesper von Wieding is a family man and recently became a grandfather.

Happy Birthday, Mr. von Wieding!