OPEN CALL: Dementia-Friendly Furnishing of daycare home

Open call

February 6th 2023

The overall task is to develop dementia-friendly furnishings at the daycare center at Flemløse Plejehjem, which can facilitate participation for the daycare center’s users. This group consists of residents who have moderate to severe dementia. The task should be considered in conjunction with an activity plan in collaboration with the day center’s staff and day-to-day management. Assens Municipality invites interior designers, architects, service designers, and the like to bid for the execution of the task, which is described in detail in the next section.

The assignment is part of a project to produce knowledge on the importance of interior design for dementia friendliness. More specifically, researchers from the University of Southern Denmark will investigate how dementia-friendliness is achieved in practice and the importance of physical design in this context. This will be done through (micro)ethnographic studies of everyday life at the daycare center over about six months, covering everyday life before, immediately after, and after the change in interior design. The project aims to produce knowledge that can inform the development of dementia-friendly furnishing solutions in specific and similar contexts across the country. The design of the daycare center will thus serve as a ‘prototype‘ that can serve as a basis for scalable solutions. Experiences from the project will be disseminated to relevant stakeholders in municipalities and government agencies and stakeholders in the design industry through Design denmark’s network.

Download the detailed task description here (in Danish).


The project follows this overall timetable.

Mid Mar 2023:
Selection of and feedback on proposals received

April 2023:
Development of detailed design solutions, including a workshop with staff and sparring with researchers from the University of Southern Denmark

May-June 2023:
Installation of interior solution

Early Christmas. 2023:
Solution completed

July-December 2023:
Observation of everyday life at the daycare center after the change of the interior design (University of Southern Denmark)

Dec. 2023:
Presentation of insights and experiences from the project (University of Southern Denmark/Assens Municipality/Design denmark)


The financial framework for the project is 200.000,-. The budget includes 75.000,- for consultancy services and 125.000,- for materials and installation.

Application conditions

The application must contain the following:

  • A portfolio with examples of previous work
  • A short CV (maximum one page)
  • A description of the approach to the assignment (about half a page)

It should be sent to with the heading “Dementia friendly interior Flemløse” No later than March 7th 2023.


Questions regarding the assignment description can be addressed to the following:

Christina Thomsen, Project Manager, Assens Municipality Mail: | Mobile: 23 29 57 85

Henrik Ladegaard Johannesen, Project Officer, Assens Municipality Mail: | Mobil: 24 60 79 39

Attachments (in Danish)

Attachment 1:
Opsamling på workshop med daghjemmets brugere, pårørende og personale.

Attachment 2:
Hovedpunkter fra foreløbige observationer på daghjemmet.

Attachment 3:
Plantegninger over plejehjemmet og daghjemmet i tre forskellige udgaver

a) Plantegning.

b) Plantegning med angivelse af rumfunktion.

c) Plantegning med markering af daghjemmets område.

Attachment 4:
Brandtekniske specifikationer.