Post design Festival x Design denmark


Design denmark is supporting the 3rd installment of the Post Design festival when it unfolds at Huset in Copenhagen on the 14-15th of April.

Under the theme of community, Post Design Festival is exploring a more-than-human-centred approach to reimagining and reframing what design is and what its role should be. Keywords are collaborative design practices, cooperative business models, and strategies of interspecific co-creation. Or, as they say on their website: 

 “Design is never autonomous, created by porous bodies it affects and is affected by the communities we are in. Making takes many hands and minds, and forms of labor beyond the creative.” 

Under the overarching theme of entanglement, Post Design Festival will explore “community” over two days filled with participatory and performative talks and social events, bringing together local and international speakers, design professionals, students, organizers, and more.

CEO of Design denmark, Henrik Lübker, comments: 

“Post Design Festival is experimental and curious. It is marking a beginning of a necessary redefinition of design, leaving the idea of the autonomous creator behind and instead embracing post-human notions of connectivity. Design denmark wants to support emerging and visionary agendas. Through a renewed form of design thinking and practice, we embrace a gentler and more generous future for humankind and the planet.”  

Post Design Festival explores themes of post-humanism, which, in philosophy and art, has created vibrant, new ways of thinking and examinations of the so-called subject-object relation. Leaving behind the traditional understanding of the modern subject as autonomous, it explores a world of interconnectivity and radical entanglement where matter also has forms of agency. 

Post Design Festival is created by:

Amanda-Li Kollberg

Born in Sweden and currently based in Berlin, Amanda-Li holds a BA in graphic design from The School of Media and Journalism in Copenhagen as well as an MA in Visual Culture and Identity from the Royal Danish Academy. She runs the graphic- and type design studio Formal Settings with Siri Lee Lindskrog. The design studio is a part of design collective and event space The Boys Club in Berlin.

Bethany Rigby

Bethany is a designer and writer based in London with research interests centring on extraction, remote landscapes and extra terrestrial technologies. She has a speculative and curious practice, and has recently exhibited at the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale and Index 2022 in Braga, Portugal. Her writing is published in Migrant Journal and Feeeels Mag among others, and she is an associate lecturer for MA Design at Goldsmiths University.

Peter Folkmar

In 2016, Peter co-founded POST and has been an organiser of the festival ever since. In his design studio, Peter creates visual communication with a broad range of collaborators. Work ranges from strategic consultancy and naming processes, visual identity systems and websites, to exhibition graphics, book design, and illustration. Peter is currently based in Brussels and holds a MA in Architecture from the Royal Academy, Copenhagen.

Siri Lee Lindskrog

With a BA in graphic design from The School of Media and Journalism in Copenhagen, and after a period of living and working in New York, Siri is now based in Berlin. From within the design collective and event space The Boys Club, Siri co-runs the graphic- and type design studio Formal Settings. The studio creates typefaces as well as a broad range of type driven visual communication and editorial design within the cultural field.

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