Joining the _by Design network


Design denmark is joining forces with the _by Design network to explore new areas where design can be an agent of change.
The _by Design network brings designers and stakeholders together to explore how design can help solve some of the wicked problems we face in our society and on our planet.

CEO of Design denmark, Henrik Lübker, says:

As a design organization, we always seek partnerships that fertilize new ground for design and move the design field in a more ethical direction. The _by Design-partnership ticks all the boxes for Design denmark: It provides unique opportunities for our members to explore new areas where their craft can make a huge impact, it creates essential engagement between design and key stakeholders, and It potentially fosters new business for the design industry.

Design denmark will join partners 1508, KIRT x THOMSEN, and EGGS Design.

The next event will be on the theme of The Future of Mobility: See our open call for participants here.

The partnership is just one in a series. Believing that the role of an industry organization is in part to bring together the various design platforms, Design denmark works through collaborations and partnerships. We have teamed up with _by Design, LOOP Forum, Design Matters, POST Design Festival and Transform Awards in the last few months. More will follow.