Design denmark – General Assembly 2023

Members only

The General Assembly 2023 has taken place. Please find the summary and presentation material below.


At this year’s General Assembly, some amendments to the articles of Association were adopted. Please find them here.

Find the new board here.

Information before the General Assembly

Thursday, April 27, 2023
EGGS Design, Skindergade 45, 1159 Copenhagen K 
From 17.00 – 20.00

Members are hereby invited to the Annual General Assembly of Design denmark. The General Assembly is convened and held in accordance with the provisions of the articles of association, and you can now register to participate if you are a member.

Presentation: Imagining the future

At this year’s General Assembly, you will hear from foresight expert Thomas Geuken, acclaimed author, licensed psychologist and Associate Director of the Institute for Futures Studies. 

He will guide us through a short intensive session on the role and function of art in foresight and why the Institute for Futures Studies has chosen to take over the UNESCO chair and fight “the poverty of imagination”. 

The Institute for Futures Studies has been developing 10-year scenarios for the world’s largest organization for the past 50 years. Thomas shares this experience and links it to the potentials of art.

Candidates for Design denmark’s board of directors

The following members will stand for election to the board at the general meeting:

Charlotte Mathiesen (CPR members)
Carsten Nguyen Henriksen (CPR members)
Lotte Nystrup Lund (sole proprietorship)
Marie-Louise Rosholm (sole proprietorship)
Michael Brinch (sole proprietorship)
Birgitte Smedegaard (CVR 2-5 persons)
Lotte Lyngsted Jepsen (CVR 2-5 persons)
Søren Frahm (CVR 6-10 persons)
See Candidate material 2023.pdf

See the entire Design denmark board here

Power of attorney

If you are unable to attend the General Assembly, you can download a proxy here, which can be used to grant another member the right to vote on your behalf*. If you are unable to attend, please send the proxy by Monday 24 April 2023 at the latest to

Download the proxy form

*No member can hold a proxy from more than two other members. However, the Board of Directors can receive an unlimited number of proxies. 

Proposals received 

This year, proposals for amendments to the Statutes have been received from the Board, and proposals for individual articles from the Legal Committee and the Appointments Committee.

If you are a member and have not received the amendments to the Statutes, please contact Design denmark to confirm membership, and they will be sent to you.

Registration for the General Assembly

We kindly ask for feedback on your participation via this link.

Register for the 2023 General Assembly – no later than Monday, April 24, 2023

Agenda according to the statutes

a. Election of chairman
b. Election of rapporteur
c. Presentation of the annual report
d. Presentation of the audited accounts for approval

e. Presentation for information of the budget for the current year
f. Consideration of proposals received
g. Presentation of the action plan for the coming year
h. Election to the Board of Directors, cf. §12 – see overview above
i. Election of deputies, cf. §12
j. Election of auditor
k. Any other business

We look forward to seeing you there!