3daysofdesign: LLLP by Nicholas Rose

Stop by LLLP by Nicholas Rose during 3daysofdesign to have a look at the new design for their bedframe – exhibited in the shop.

LLLP – Your local carpentry v. 2.0

Think woodwork, genuine craftsmanship, creativity, and originality. Think made to measure, unique and raw, and furniture that can resist the aging of time. Think customer service, solutions that match your specific idea, and professional guidance in accordance with your needs.

Think all this – and you’ll be thinking of LLLP.

LLLP work with wood. A living material originating from the earth we live on. It’s treated with care and respect – and with the love of the fact that each furniture has its own distinct look.

All materials are carefully selected to ensure that the the quality of the furniture are high enough to be labeled a genuine LLLP.

Opening hours

Tuesday – Thursday: 11.00 – 17.30
Friday: 11.00 – 16.00
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

For special appointments, please contact LLLP at info@lllp.dk.

16. sep 2021
Fælledvej 18
2200 Copenhagen N