Bloxhub: Circular Economy Europe Talks

After four years on the Horizon 2020 funded project, Cities Cooperating for Circular Economy – FORCE, the cities of Copenhagen, Hamburg, Genoa and Lisbon and BLOXHUB invite you to a series of talks about plastic, metal/WEEE, surplus food and biowaste, and wood waste.

The event will take place over two half days on January 27th and 28th 2021.

The aim of the project has been to set up value-chain based partnerships to develop 10 new circular solutions and viable end-market solutions. Bloxhub, Force and EU Horizon 2020 would like to present the findings and discuss them with you – that is why they call them talks.

Selected outputs from the project include:

  • New emerging technologies in bio-economy to develop high-value use such as single-cell Proteins, lactic acid and succinic acid from residues in wood and food industry, and from agriculture.
  • New collection schemes for WEEE, biowaste and wood waste.
  • A system to manage donors and receivers of surplus food (uncooked and cooked).
  • 10 products and a food tray made from recycled post-consumer plastic waste.
  • Repair cafés and reuse centres for electronic and electrical waste and for wood waste – also in COVID-19 times.

The event is co-created by Bloxhub, Force – Cities cooperating for circular economy and EU Horizon 2020.


Start: January 27th at 13.00
End: January 28th at 17.00

Read more and register here.

27. jan 2021
kl. 13.00 - 16.00
Online via Zoom