Boost din Business – Danish Design Award

Boost din Business – How to win a Danish Design Award!

The Danish Design Award is jointly owned and run by the Danish Design Centre and Design denmark. The award continues a tradition of over 50 years for recognizing the best of Danish design.

Both winners and finalists are recognized for their achievements. Winning or being a finalist in the Danish Design Award is a “quality stamp” for your work, which you can use to promote your project and/or business for many years to come.

As a winner or finalist, you will be promoted online or wherever the Danish Design Award is exhibited. The Award is promoted internationally in travelling exhibitions and increasingly through communication channels such as the Danish Consulates. As a finalist or winner, you become part of the ongoing story and history of Danish design.

The current version of the Award, now in its fifth year, focuses on the effect or impact design can have to support well-being in various aspects of society.  The broad variety of applications of design is reflected in the different categories.

Sublime execution and high design quality is one of the principle judging criteria of the jury.  Other criteria are innovation height, context of use and economic impact.

The jury is carefully selected from a highly qualified list of national and international candidates. It is the quality of the jury that makes the Award internationally recognized and “worth winning”.

We believe that this award is important for you as a design-related business, for the recognition and promotion of the value of design in general, and for the communication of Denmark as a nation that is highly competent in design.  Therefore we encourage members of Design denmark to make use of this opportunity to profile your work to the jury, to the nation and internationally. Simply by participating, you are making a contribution to Danish design history.

Jesper von Wieding and Tim Larcombe have been working on behalf of Design denmark for over five years in the development and execution of the Award and therefore know the Award very well. Whilst there is obviously no guarantee that the jury will select your entry for recognition, there are things that you can emphasize in your submission. These will be presented and explained during this Boost your Business event, together with examples of how it has helped previous finalists and winners.

We hope that you will consider entering for the 2020 Danish Design Award to Boost your Business.  Entry is free, simple, and the benefits of winning or being a finalist can be very significant for your business. Any project that has been released within the last four years is eligible, as long as one Danish person has been involved.  And. as a member of Design denmark, it is also “your own award”!

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