Design Matters 21

Join the Copenhagen conference Design Matters, when the 21st edition is back on September 29th – 30th 2021.

Design Matters is a Copenhagen-based conference on digital design, made for designers by designers. It is a place to gather together, share ideas, and discuss experiences. Design Matters involves a knowledgeable community of creative and curious minds who share the same drive and passion for digital design, technology, art and society.

Since 2015 Design Matters has been sharing stories about new movements in design, giving inspiration to designers from all over the world. In September 2020 the conference went hybrid with an online and in-person event.

Design Matters is a two-day conference full of talks, workshops and evening activities revolving around specific themes that change every year.

Read further about Design Matters here.

Super Early Bird ticket in December

During December you can get a Super Early Bird ticket with a full Covid-19 Guarantee.

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30. sep 2021