Omnidocs Branding Masterclass: Fonts

After two years of COVID-19 hibernation, we are ecstatic to finally welcome you back to our Branding Masterclass concept.
This time around, we are diving into the beauty of fonts

Branding Masterclass is our attempt at gathering leading experts, opinion leaders, and companies within the field of corporate branding.
Each branding masterclass is a deep dive into a specific topic within the field of corporate branding.

The topic of this branding masterclass is “fonts.”, and will be 2 hours jam-packed with insights on fonts in the enterprise setting. The masterclass consists of four sessions that, each in their unique way, addresses several of the opportunities and challenges associated with font design, implementation, and usage.

Fonts are central to great corporate design – and entail both opportunities and challenges for corporations.
Opportunities because of the beauty and concept that fonts bring to the corporate brand.
Challenges due to the sometimes unforeseen problems fonts bring regarding functionality, readability, and accessibility.

Please note, that this is a virtual event and you’ll receive a link to watch it from your provided email address.

Meet your speakers

Creative Director, Typeface Design, Dalton Maag

Bianca Berning, Creative Director at Typeface design studio – Dalton Maag, aims to explore how our eyes and brain recognize and process written words and how typography can be utilized to not only make our communication accessible to a wider group of people, but to also influence the way in which they interact with us.

Dalton Maag is an independent type design studio and international team of 40 type designers, font developers, creative directors, software engineers, and support staff, spanning 20 nationalities.



Simon (Si) Daniels, Principal Program Manager, Office Design, Microsoft

Si Daniels is a program manager in Microsoft’s Office Design team. He formerly managed Microsoft font and icons team in the Microsoft Operating Systems Group. He’s a graduate of the Typography & Graphic Communication programme at the University of Reading.

Si will talk about the new “organization fonts” feature coming soon to PowerPoint as well as the new font menu and Office default font work his team is working on.



Lene Kring, Director, Corporate Branding, Novo Nordisk

Lene Kring is Novo Nordisk’s corporate branding director.

Lene is tasked with the job of creating an authentic, relevant and distinct Novo Nordisk brand experiences across touch points with tools such as core story, visual identity, sound, campaigns, brand concepts and organisational guidance.




Rikke Lykke Fabricius, Global Visual Identity Manager, Novo Nordisk

Rikke Fabricius is the global visual identity manager for Novo Nordisk.

Rikke aims to streamline and develop the visual and audible expression of Novo Nordisk through consultancy, co-operation and corporate campaign creation.




Frederik Dessau, Head of Design & Content, Omnidocs

Frederik is a certified document nerd, with roots in management consulting, design consulting, and brand management.
At Omnidocs he is heading up our efforts within design and brand implementation.

When asked about what fonts mean to him, he said:

“To me fonts are often the centerpiece of the corporate brand. If you are passionate about design, you are passionate about fonts.
I have witnessed how projects involving custom fonts can crash and burn if experts aren’t involved. My passion is to make workdays work better – not only for our users, but indeed also for the designers and brand managers who deliver their design ‘babies’ to us, crossing their fingers it will all come together when users handle it in their documents.”

We are happy to present our Head of Design & Content on stage to hand over golden insights into custom font implementation in Microsoft Office.

We have seen him prepare his presentation and practice – hopefully you’ll notice.

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Branding Masterclass: Fonts


Welcome to Branding Masterclass

The refreshed corporate visual identity of Novo Nordisk
Lene Kring, Director, Corporate Branding, and Rikke Lykke Fabricius, Global Visual Identity Manager, Novo Nordisk

Accessibility in Typography
Bianca Berning, Creative Director, Typeface Design, Dalton Maag

New “organization fonts” feature coming to Microsoft Office
Simon (Si) Daniels, Principal Program Manager, Office Design, Microsoft

Three key factors for font implementation success
Frederik Dessau, Head of Design & Content, Omnidocs

Closing remarks


7. apr 2022
kl. 9.00 - 11.30