The Index Project x Dd: After the SDGs – Emerging design challenges the world is facing

The UN Sustainable Development Goals have become the strategies of our global community for a better and more secure future. But in an ever-changing world, the worries and issues of its inhabitants are constantly evolving. Today, people are asking: Can we safely co-exist with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Will financial systems ever be fair and sustainable? And, how do we thrive in a society where facts are fake news?

In collaboration The Index Project and Design denmark invite you to discover the Design to Improve Life (DtIL) goals; emerging milestones we have penned through our ever-growing lense of design and global challenges.

CEO at The Index Project, Liza Chong, will guide us through the five current DtIL goals, and zero-in on the goals of tomorrow:

  • Sustainable tourism
  • Ethical leadership
  • Generational harmony

The event is introduced and moderated by CEO at Design denmark Abelone Varming and will be held in English.

15. dec 2020
kl. 15.00 - 16.00
Online via Zoom