Urgent.Agency: Urgent.Sessions: Leading the way at the Designmuseum Denmark

In collaboration with Sign Design Society, Urgent.Agency unfolds the curious case of Designmuseum Denmark and how the lack of intuitive wayfinding and space awareness was threatening to put a damper on the museum’s great success and skyrocketing visitor numbers. It’s a story about design legacy, a unique building, and the discovery of a hidden treasure!

Urgent.Agency explain their approach to wayfinding and place activation at the Designmuseum Denmark and share ideas on how typography has evolved in response to wayfinding needs.


Michaela Pihl Olsen
from Urgent.Agency explains how the consultancy’s team approach wayfinding, focusing on how they solved the issues at Designmuseum Denmark to successfully accommodate the skyrocketing number of visitors.

Kristian Rise
gives his perspective on how Designmuseum Denmark collaborated with Urgent’s design team and the unique wayfinding challenges they faced and overcame.

Mads Quistgaard
also from Urgent.Agency, shares his thought-provoking ideas on Danish typography, a brief history and why revitalising type is necessary to meet the demands of today’s society.

Read further about each speaker here.

Photocredit: Sign Design Society

30. sep 2021
kl. 18.00
Online via Zoom
Øvrige10.00 £