Urgent.Agency: Urgent.Sessions: What’s branding got to do with urban development?

Is it even possible – or justifiable – to rebrand an entire neighbourhood without infringing on the integrity of the area and its citizens? Or worse still – without glossing over reality and encouraging gentrification? And yet when done right, place branding has the power to help lift and revitalise entire neighbourhoods.

Join Urgent.Agency for a debate on place branding and its inherent potential and pitfalls.

With concrete projects, Head of Strategy Johanne Mortensen and Head of Wayfinding and Place Activation Michaela Pihl Olsen as well as Mads Quistgaard, CEO and Founder of Urgent.Agency, discuss the possibilities of creating and lifting areas with a place branding process through involvement, storytelling and activation of the urban space.

Language: English

The event is free to participate in
– just show up.

The event is part of Copenhagen Architecture Festival.

Photocredit: Copenhagen Architecture Festival

15. okt 2021
kl. 16.00 - 17.30
Urgent.Agency Copenhagen
Struenseegade 15A, 5th floor
2200 Copenhagen N