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Urgent.Academy - Share Your Practice

With the event Share Your Practice, Urgent.Agency is setting out to share our own, our clients’ and our heroes’ real practice within strategic design, change-making and architecture. We are looking to go beyond the many buzz words to understand the inner mechanics of contemporary work life. Is prototyping just something we talk about? What’s so big about the Big Why? And is purpose-driven design a genuine ambition?

Working across sectors and skill-sets is at the heart of Urgent.Agency culture – and in most sectors cross-disciplinarity is in high demand, whether building a city, transforming an organization or designing a service. But to work cross-disciplinarily, you must also master your disciplines – and so we ask “which skills are needed for this balancing act to succeed now and in the future?

The conference is for anyone with an interest in strategic design, including design practitioners, public servants, private actors and students. It is a rare chance to receive and share insights into the practices and skills needed for strategic design of today – and inspiration for the design of tomorrow.


  • Hunter Tura, CEO Bruce Mau Design (US)
  • Ane Cortzen, Head of Culture, Kähler Design (DK)
  • Kaave Pour, Director, Space10 (DK)
  • Dan Stubbergaard, Founder, COBE (DK)
  • AI oracle Frank and Cecilie Falkenstrøm, artist and winner of The Lumen Prize 2017 (DK)
  • Benedikt Weschler, The Swiss Ambassador to Denmark (CH)
  • Sinus Lynge, Partner, Effekt (DK)
  • Søren Kaare Andersen, CEO Bikubenfonden (DK)
  • Jesper Christiansen, Head of Strategy and Development, Nesta (UK)
  • David Budtz, Professor, Humanomics (DK)


Driving cultural change

  • How do you build and engage culture(s)?

Making places

  • How do we design spaces that cater to human aspirations?

From image to action

  • How can identity work become a machinery for change?

The human in user centred design

  • Where is the human in the world of user experience?

Date: 11. oktober
Time: 13.00-17.00
Location: Copenhagen Business School Solbjerg Plads 3 Room SPs01 2000 Frederiksberg

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