Konsulentydelser, Produkt- og industrielt design

Skindergade 24, 1.tv
1159 København K
Medlem af dd siden 2015

PRODUKTDESIGNERNE is a Danish design studio founded by the two industrial designers

Thomas Ulrik and Kåre Tofte.

With offspring in the Nordic tradition of high-end craftmanship and formgiving, we design and develop products from early concept all the way to the final product.

Having the user and the client’s need in focus, we work with strategy, concept development, styling, ergonomics, product development and CMF.

The mission is to create beautiful, functional and actual innovative products for all our clients.

Our holistic approach means integration of form, function and production methods. Thus we simplify complex mechanical solutions, implement clever manufacturing methods and use the newest materials.

As respected business partners and team players, we have 20 years of experience in creating value for our clients.