Carina Juul

Branding, Kommunikation

Carina Juul
Medlem af dd siden 2022

Strategic thinker and a creative concept driven Brand Design Lead working within brand identity and design @ Sweco Danmark A/S

The combination of a company’s brand purpose and the expressive idea is something that I value highly. I believe in purpose-driven branding. Also, all the aspects of strengthening bonds between brands and people.

I help build brands and I ensure their communication have a visual consistency across all platforms. 12+ years of professional experience with managing creative processes, brand strategy, and visual identities. I’m a team player able to set the direction and inspire colleagues and clients to make change happen — I’m bridging gaps between client, strategy, and design team with sincerity.

A core purpose of creating strong and meaningful design solutions for brands, products and space

I believe in teamwork, fun, complex projects, strong and clear design solutions – putting simplicity and experience at the center. I strive to push the boundaries and standards in my work. I live to spot the potential in people and projects and I love to see colleagues grow and projects flourish. I enjoy creating environments that promote creativity.