Steinar Valade-Amland

Steinar Valade-Amland
Medlem af dd siden 2020

Many smaller and medium-size organizations need help to grow and to develop sustainable strategies for business development, innovation and organizational change. Based on decades of experience with the design industry and design as a tool for change, I help creative businesses realize and exploit their potential.

My services – whether long-term and embedded in day-to-day management or short-term and confined to specific projects or challenges – often include one or several of the following;

– positioning analysis, business development and strategy process facilitation

– stakeholder mapping, analysis and engagement strategies

– development and deployment of training programmes, tools and methodologies

– process and project reviews and improvement measures

– cross-border project management

– design and innovation management

Currently working two days a week as Head of Strategy and Business Development at Triagonal, aiming to continuously strengthen our strategies and to help unlock Triagonal’s business development and growth potential by internal capacity building as well through building and nurturing partnerships with relevant sectors and wayfinding related key players.

Triagonal work exclusively with constantly rethinking and optimizing the concept of wayfinding, entailing good user experiences, safe and happy users – while at the same time supporting the architectural and functional intentions of each individual environment through improved flow and enhanced efficiency.

Accredited Expert Evaluator for EU DG Connect, DG Research & Innovation and Research Executive Agency since 20111.

Experienced lecturer, keynote speaker and workshop moderator, jury, advisory board and expert panel member, commentator and columnist on design, design management, design thinking and related issues.

Author of “INNOLITERACY – from design thinking to tangible change” – available in Danish and in English;

NEWS: My new book; “Design: A Business Case –Thinking, Leading, and Managing by Design” – written together with Brigitte Borja de Mozota – will be released as an e-book in August and the printed version in September, booth by the US publisher Business Expert Press. Later on, a series of language versions will follow – the first one as it looks today in Korean.