Network for internal sustainability: New standards for interior design

This new network investigates and discusses what internal sustainability means for the built environment and how internal sustainability is used in interiors. The purpose is to contribute to business differentiation, e.g., by offering new types of services to the places we live in and use.

The network is based on a belief that Interior Design Professionals in Denmark are part of the solution to our global crises. Therefore, we offer members this ambitious network to dig deep into the subject and discuss everything from measuring the benefits of internal sustainability to best practices, and much more.

The network will work on:

– How to measure the benefits of the changes internal sustainability makes?

– Discuss how the development and design of internal sustainability services can benefit your business.

– What measuring instruments can we use? And how do we measure with kinesiology?

– Interior design in the pre-causal existence and its effect in our causal everyday life.

– Critical approaches to new ‘best practices’ in the interior design industry.

– Strategies and priorities of the house-area physical systems and associated consciousness.

– How we, as designers, contribute with our human capacity.

– The development of worldview, morality, ethics, empathy, free will and actions, conscious awareness, and the importance of these ideas for the interior design profession.

– A new vocabulary for new interior design situations that help to form our collective sense: Perception, context, and wholeness.

Practical information

The first three times the network will meet in person in the area, where most participants live. After that, we can agree on whether to meet online for some meetings.

In order for us to be productive, the network will be meeting once a month.

At the first meeting, everyone will introduce their resources and expectations, as well as the activities they personally want to work with. The coordinator also offers an introductory presentation.

The network is for members of Design denmark.


Do you want to sign up? Or have any questions?

Feel free to contact the network coordinator:
Bonna Ravn Thomsen, MDd: