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Exploration has always led to ground-breaking innovation. Whether it’s trekking to the most remote glaciers, scouring the harshest deserts, or diving to the deepest parts of the oceans.

This month, The Index Project sits down with design icon Yves Béhar to chat about his futuristic underwater habitat PROTEUS, designed with renowned ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau. Béhar shares his sustainability journey, from swimming in a revived Lake Geneva as a child to designing for some of the world’s biggest brands and organisations, and how he hopes PROTEUS will activate a new generation passionate about conservation.

Writer & Host: Lesley Price
Producer: Sidsel Kaae Nørgaard
Composer: Kristina Lilleskov
Soundbite: Random Things, Michael Ghelfi – RPG Ambiences & Music, Greenpeace USA, BBC Radio 1, Guardian News,, Jonna Jinton, MW, Sounds Majestic and Nagaty Studio – Sound Effects

About the podcast series Can design save us?

Exploring the good, bad, complex and controversial

Can design save us? is a series exploring design as a pioneering force for good. The Index Project dives into the most pressing problems of our time and talk to the bright minds using design to solve them.

Episode 0 is an introduction to design to improve life with their CEO Liza Chong. The episode provides an insightful trip down memory lane while giving new listeners a snapshot of what The Index Project is all about. They discuss some of the world’s most iconic and impactful designs, from the Apple iPod to the Tesla Roadster.

As the series unfolds, The Index Project will speak with a diverse range of frontline pioneers and explore questions such as: Is our future to be purely digital? Can space exploration save humanity? And, is there such a thing as sustainable fashion?

Published on June 1st 2021

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