Can Design Save Us? Restoring lost voices | Episode: 8 | Længde: 45 minutter


Why a voice is so much more than just a means to communicate

Stephen Hawking’s robotic voice from the ’80s is an universally-recognised trademark. But since, speech synthesis has seen little innovation, meaning millions still speak with a generic computerised voice. This month, Founder of VocaliD, Dr. Rupal Patel, shares how her team uses AI to restore this critical piece of personal identity: giving them a voice that’s uniquely theirs. As a pioneer in the field, Patel shares powerful stories of how the tech is changing lives and where she sees it heading – beyond Siri and Alexa – to serve society’s greater needs.

Writer & Host: Lesley Price
Producer: Sidsel Kaae Nørgaard
Composer: Kristina Lilleskov
Soundbite: Paul Wilson Creating eLearning Tutorials, TED, Royal Opera House, Great Big Story & 30 Rock (TV-series)

About the podcast series Can design save us?

Exploring the good, bad, complex and controversial

Can design save us? is a series exploring design as a pioneering force for good. The Index Project dives into the most pressing problems of our time and talk to the bright minds using design to solve them.

Episode 0 is an introduction to design to improve life with their CEO Liza Chong. The episode provides an insightful trip down memory lane while giving new listeners a snapshot of what The Index Project is all about. They discuss some of the world’s most iconic and impactful designs, from the Apple iPod to the Tesla Roadster.

As the series unfolds, The Index Project will speak with a diverse range of frontline pioneers and explore questions such as: Is our future to be purely digital? Can space exploration save humanity? And, is there such a thing as sustainable fashion?

Published on March 30th 2021

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