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Poster Design - Francisco Mantecón Competition 2019

International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda – Francisco Mantecón Competition 2019

The International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda – Francisco Mantecón Competition is celebrating its 14th edition this year, in an event that has established itself since it began in 2002 as one of the most prestigious among the art community on five continents.

More than 17,000 posters from 96 countries around the world have participated in the thirteen previous editions, including everywhere from Italy, Russia, China, India, Canada and Mexico to Mauritius, New Zealand and Barbados, among others. Geographic diversity is also reflected in its awards: artists and studios in Japan, the United States, Germany and Poland have taken top honors in the world’s most important graphic design competition sponsored by a private organization.

Terras Gauda Wineries will award €16,000 to the winners, with €10,000 going to the 1st prize, €2,000 to the 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up and Honorable Mention, respectively.

The panel of judges for the International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda 2019 will benefit from the criteria of professionals with recognized prestige: internationally acclaimed designer Javier Jaen, winner of the Laus Award and author of works for The New York Times, The Washington Post and National Geographic; and Diego Areso, Art Director of El País and El País Semanal. Along with them, National Design Prize winner Miguel Palmeiro will attend on behalf of the Portuguese studio United By, the winner of the latest edition of the competition.

Deadline is the 30th of September 2019.

You can read more about the competition and the specification for participation here