The verdict
March 22nd 2023 Today at noon, the verdict was in! Salling Group and Roland A/S must compensate t ... Læs mere
22. mar 2023
Design denmark in New Partnership with Design Matters
Design denmark and Design Matters are joining forces to promote and highlight the importance of digi ... Læs mere
16. mar 2023
Design Nation or Copy Country?
by CEO Henrik Lübker, Design denmarkDenmark has a proud design legacy, but I am not sure Designmuse ... Læs mere
10. mar 2023
State of Design – Results 3: Inspiration, loves, and the not-so-fun!
For many, design is like a calling - an innate ability honed by years of training and craftsmanship. ... Læs mere
9. mar 2023
Anne Black
"She had been told that you couldn't make a living as a ceramist, so she cycled around to stores in ... Læs mere
9. mar 2023
Post design Festival x Design denmark
Design denmark is supporting the 3rd installment of the Post Design festival when it unfolds at Huse ... Læs mere
2. mar 2023
New Tool: The Art of Thriving
A guide to thriving in creative work as a freelancer, contract worker, or self-employed Designer. ... Læs mere
1. mar 2023
State of design – Results 2: Income x Disciplines x Education x Perks
In part 1, we covered all the basics regarding income. In this part, we look at how income relates t ... Læs mere
24. feb 2023
In Memoriam Ebbe Gehl
November 10, 1942 - February 22, 2023 Danish design has lost one of its greatest. After almos ... Læs mere
23. feb 2023
State of Design – Results 1: Income
February 9th 2023 In December 2022, Design denmark ran an online survey asking designers about ev ... Læs mere
9. feb 2023
OPEN CALL: Design denmarks judicial committee (Retsudvalg) seeks members
February 9th 2023 Design denmark's Legal Committee advises on professional disputes - both betwee ... Læs mere
9. feb 2023
OPEN CALL: Dementia-Friendly Furnishing of daycare home
February 6th 2023 The overall task is to develop dementia-friendly furnishings at the daycare cen ... Læs mere
6. feb 2023
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